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Deniz Bensason


Horses on the Kyrgyz Steppe
Horses on the steppe bordered by the Tian Shan mountain range
Dead Sea as seen from the Judean Desert
The Dead Sea as seen from the Judean Desert
Black Hebrew Israelites in Dimona, Israel
Perfect love comes with the first grandchild
Gheralta mountain range in Ethiopia
Gheralta mountain range in Ethiopia
Allepey, Kerala, India: Houseboats on river
Allepey, Kerala, India: Houseboats on river
Graffiti in Jaffa, Israel
Jaffa, Israel: Grafitti galore!
 Burmese fisherman on boat - Inle Lake also known as Inle Sap, Shan Hills in Myanmar
Fisherman on boat - Lake Inle (Inle Sap), Shan Hills, Myanmar
 Joss sticks (incense sticks) lit in Indian temple
Joss sticks (incense sticks) lit in Indian temple
 Israel, Negev, Ein Yorkeam Spring - The entrance to the Hatira Stream Canyon
Ein Yorkeam Spring: The entrance to the Hatira Stream Canyon
 Central Asian Highlands: Altyn Arashan valley near Karakol
Central Asian Highlands: Altyn Arashan valley near Karakol
 India: Deniz please give title
India: Allahabad before Kumbamela festivities
 Faces of China: 3 Faces of 'one of a kind'
Faces of China: 3 Faces of 'one of a kind'

A Photographic Journey

As men age their opinions change.

As women age they sharpen their perception.

Above the Aosta Valley, Italy

Above the Aosta Valley in Italy

At first there were the mountains, those magnificent massifs that capture both the eye and the imagination. Snowcapped peaks, luscious valleys carved by gushing streams, challenging rock faces and all those other inspiring views.

Yes; mountains are the definition of impressive grandeur; a thrilling subject to nature lovers and photographers alike.

I too was and am under the spell of the grandeur of nature. At first reels and reels of film and later on gigabytes of graphic files were saved under the headings of different mountain ranges.

From Grächen to St.Nicholaus, above the Mattertal, Canton Valais, Switzerland.

Grächen to St.Nicholaus, Switzerland

The Maritime Alps (France), the Mont Blanc Massif (France, Switzerland & Italy), the Pennine Alps (Switzerland & Italy), the Silvretta Alps (Switzerland & Austria), the Ötztal Alps (Austria & Italy), the Kitzbühel & the Zillertal Alps (Austria), the Dolomites (Italy & Austria), the Lavanttal & the Julian Alps (Austria & Slovenia), Mount Etna (Sicily), the Tien Shan System – also known as the Celestial Mountains (Kyrgyzstan), the Chon Alai Range (Kyrgyzstan), the Urals (Russia), Rakhine Mountains (Burma), the Atlas Mountains (Morocco) and the Semien Mountains (Ethiopia) are all subdirectories filled with gigabytes of pictures of these marvelous mountains.

Deniz on the Israel National Trail

1 Desert or Ice picture here

At some point the in time, the attraction of luscious landscapes waned. It was replaced by a longing for the desolate.

These became the new focus of my attention.

Deniz on the Israel National Trail

1 Market picture here

And then again, my sensitivities developed and matured. People and places, markets and multitudes, synagogues, shrines, churches and cathedrals where contemplating congregations started to fascinate my photographic eye.

The crowds, the clamor, the confusion became less important less pronounced - they whittled down to a significant central theme – The person and the personality.

NO – Not staged portraiture, more a rendering of individuality on the go.

YES – Street photography, “In your face” photography, photography of the moment!

Deniz on the Israel National Trail

In your face photography

The latest additions to the site...


Photography Blog

Blog Type: Photography

Blog Date: 15th Nov. 2015

My Photography – Learning about photography ....
and making tough choices.
It is all about choosing alternative styles, developing techniques and honing skills.

Location of Kiriat Shmone

Over Kiriat Shmone

Blog Type: Israel Trail

Blog Date: 4th Nov. 2016

Some short description sfdg sdfgsd fgsdfgs fdgsfdgsdfg sfdgsdfgs dfgsdfg sdf and a lot more text to make it too long for comfort. This can go on for miles and miles without ever stopping. You just can go on and on without making a new paragraph!!!

Trans-Siberian-Railway Album

Trans-Siberian-Railway Photo-Album

A photo album documenting the train-ride through Siberia and Mongolia; The Trans-Siberia Railroad – a journey from Moscow to Beijing.
Hardcover, Dimensions: 29 cm x 25.5 cm, 230 Pages.

Antarctica Album

The Antarctica Photo-Album

A photo album based on a cruise to Antarctica. Primarily pictures of Places, Icebergs, Penguins and Marine Mammals.
Hardcover, Dimensions: 28 cm x 30 cm, 138 Pages.

Old Age - Photogallery

Photogallery: Old Age

There is beauty and serenity in old age. In modern western society we tend to marginalize our old and aging – and sometimes are unable or unwilling to see their beauty.

Urban Galleries: Graffiti

Urban Galleries: Graffiti

From the time of the Bible, (see Chapter 5 of the Book of Daniel) graffiti - be it:
Artform, Advertisement, Analysis, Appraisal or Annoyance, has always been “the writing on the wall”!


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