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Deniz Bensason



The People

Deniz Bensason, Photographer - Israel-Trilogy Album

Deniz Bensason, Photographer

This album is published in three languages:
and Russian.

Photo-album 'In Spite Of'
This part of Album is about the Holocaust Survivor from the Soviet Union in Israel and the people who help them.

The “Good People” section acknowledges volunteers who are working with this aging population.

The “Memory Fragments” section - the main section of the album - offers a brief insight into the lives of those Holocaust survivors.

To view excerpts of the initial part of the photo-album "A Family Saga", please click here.


Information about the Album ...


Photographer: Deniz Bensason

Width: 25.6 cm

Height: 23.5 cm

Number of Pages: 230

Cover: Soft cover.

Additional Information: Printed on high quality matte paper.
Laminated in matt silk to maintain maximum protection for the album.

Design & Layout: Nili Glick Studio.

This section interoduces some of the helpers and some of the survivors.

Excerpts from IN SPITE OF - Good-People & Memory Fragments

Good People

Pages: 048-049

Good People
Lyrics and music: Naomi Shemer

Open your eyes and look around
Winter is in the past and spring will now abound.
In the field there by the roadside wheat already grows
Do not tell me “impossible” for what I will expose:

There are good people along the road
Very decent folks indeed.
Theses good people they know the way
And will help you to proceed...

Pages-052-053: Good-People: Buhs Inge, Glazer Lilian, Dobrovarski Anna and  Antolovich Bradley

Pages: 052-053

Buhs Inge, Glazer Lilian, Dobrovarski Anna, Antolovich Bradley

Pages 060-061: Glazer Lilian

Pages 060-060:

Glazer Lilian

Pages 066-067: Dobrovarski Anna

Pages 066-067

Dobrovarski Anna

Pages-074-075: Memory Fragments

Pages 074-075

From captivity to freedom,
From bondage to liberation,
From sorrow to joy,
From mourning to jubilation,
And from darkens to light.

Memory Fragments

Pages-076-077: Kinderyoren



Childhood years, sweet childhood years,
Forever will you stay alive in my memory,
When I think of your time,
I become so regretful and grieving-
Alas, how quickly I have grown old!

Pages-084-085: Davidovitch Rina

Pages 084-085

Davidovitch Rina

Pages-118-119: Gurtavtsova Alla

Pages 118-119

Gurtavtsova Alla

Pages-122-123: Kaplan Anna

Pages 122-123

Kaplan Anna

Pages-144-145: Lazebnik Lina

Pages 144-145

Lazebnik Lina

Pages-158-159: Collage of children in the USSR during WWII

Pages 158-159

Collage of children in the USSR during WWII

Pages-220-221: Collage of the heros of this Album

Pages 220-221

Collage of the heros of this Album

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