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Deniz Bensason




Markets: Patrons, Punters - also included are bargain hunters

Deniz Bensason, Photographer - Markets: Patrons and Punters

Deniz Bensason, Photographer
Patrons and Punters

A closer look at the visitors to the marketplace.

Clients, patrons, punters – they are the essential ingredient that makes markets what they are. Add a dash of bargain hunters and some local color and other visitors will come.

Then come the tourists …

Tourists are more frequently making marketplaces part of their destination-list when visiting new cities. Touring stalls, asking questions, discovering and trying to experience the city through the marketplace.

.. followed by photographers

They are looking to find that picture – that may remind them of their own past, the place they came from - or they are there to discover and document a new world. Some may be recognized by their cameras, backpacks and (un)known languages. Others try and blend in with the world of intense color and aroma – trying to capture that instant each photographer dreams to take home as a “souvenir”.

By discovering and recording that seemingly unimportant facet of another cultural heritage, they discover the real identity of the city.

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