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Markets: Products - A Symphony of Color

I love to visit markets.

Deniz Bensason, Photographer - Markets: Products

Deniz Bensason, Photographer
Vibrant Products

Vendors, patrons, products – the hustle and bustle of traffic and trade, the hither and thither of banter and barter create a bustling world of monumental movement. But look beneath this word chaos and confusion, you will find the dazzling and fascinating word of products and color.

When you google a phrase like “the colors of the market”, you are more likely to find posts about “How to Use the Psychology of Colors When Marketing” than articles about the aesthetic effect a visit to the market.

In the gallery below, I would like to share some of the impressions I recorded of the colors of the market – from color powder 1 and spices through pickles and preserves to finished products and food.

  1. For the Holi (Hindi: होली) celebrations

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