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Deniz Bensason




Deniz Bensason, Photographer - Corona 2020

Deniz Bensason, Photographer
Corona 2020

KaLa”B - קל"ב

Is a Hebrew acronym for קרוב לבית = “Close To Home” used by Israeli conscript soldiers who are fortunate enough to serve close to home.

As a photographer, I travel a lot - from the icy mountains of Antarctica to the lush, steamy valleys of the jungles of Guatemala, from the leafy forests of the American Northeast to the desolate, dry deserts of North Africa.

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, I am doing my part to prevent the spread of the disease by staying at home and practicing social distancing. No fights, no cruises, no mountain hikes, no desert treks – I can’t even go to the gym, the theater or out to eat.

However, I can still go outside – first only 100 meters, then 500 meters. Maybe even a few steps more…. With spring in the air — this may just be the perfect time to rediscover those gems of nature usually unnoticed and ignored:

Corona 2020 presents: Natures Nuggets - Close to Home.

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