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Deniz Bensason




The Faces of Ethiopia

Deniz Bensason, Photographer - Dallol Crater, Ethiopia

Deniz Bensason, Photographer
Dallol Crater, Ethiopia

What overwhelmed me, while I was in Ethiopia, was that despite the distressing poverty and heartbreaking destitution, the people of Ethiopia all seemed to have something in common; the determination to make a place for themselves in this world.

Ethiopia is experiencing a transformation – a non-violent revolution. Although it is a poor country now – especially by western standards, it is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. There is a strong feeling that there is a genuine surge forward in the country as a whole, and not just for a privileged elite class.

Ethiopians are incredibly welcoming and friendly. I'm not exaggerating in the slightest when I say that I felt much safer there on the street than I do in many major cities. Violent crimes (outside of certain regions undergoing border or tribal conflicts) are largely non-existent, especially in Addis.

Below are some of my favorite faces.

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