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Deniz Bensason



Life is beautiful.

Deniz Bensason, Photographer

Deniz Bensason, Photographer

I am in constant search after the aesthetic character of the passing moments in life to eternalize and share. I try to catch them before they disappear. These pages reflect my recent attempt to capture and freeze these moments before they fade away. Each day is another day, offering its-own great moments. For me, photography is a never ending enterprise that brings joy and builds communication among people, cities and nature.

I am inspired by everything from travel- to sport photography. As a traveling photographer, I encounter changing landscapes that may have existed for millions of years, interesting people bathed in colorful traditions and cities continuously evolving. As a sport photographer, I experience the beauty of reaching the faster, the higher and the stronger while at the same time holding my camera in perfect focus at that dynamic yet extremely momentary movement.

Water Lilies as offerings in ???/
Water Lilies as devitional offerings
Kok-boru: The national horse game of Kyrgyzstan
Kok-boru: The national horse game of Kyrgyzstan
Devotion in Israel
Piety, Peddling & Prayer - Devotion in Israel
Boat, Bike and Boots - Port of Essaouira, Morocco
Essaouira, Morocco: Boat, Bike and Boots

I am on the go ...

Lemaire Channel Strait - Antarctica

The Lemaire-Channel, Antarctica

I am on the go to create both a record and mirror of all facets of city life, country life and life in motion.

My published books include albums on: Morocco, Ethiopia, Sicily, Greece, China, Sri-Lanka, South India, Kyrgyzstan, Antarctica, Guatemala and an Israel Pictorial Trilogy.

In the “Morocco Album” I focus on scenery and people; in the “China Album” more on landscapes, cultures and traditions. In the “Greece Photo Album” I concentrate on beaches and vistas. The first “Ethiopia Album” highlights portraits and religion, “Ethiopia II” more on volcanos, deserts and desolation. The “Sicily Photo Album” is more about sport and of course history and scenery. The "South India Album" spotlights the 2013 Kumbhmela festivities in Allahabad. Around 100 million people participated in this extraordinary religious pilgrimage that occurs once every 12 years. Truly a once in a lifetime experience!

Lag BaOmer, Meron, Israel

Lag BaOmer, Meron, Israel


Vol. 1: Between Two Cities; examines the contrast that divides and the humanity that unites the “eternal city” of Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv “the city that never sleeps”.

Vol. 2: People | Places | Photos; takes us on a scenic tour of the locations and the individuals that make this land what it is.

Vol. 3: Down to Earth; takes another look at nature and landscapes – this time a little closer to the ground.

What’s next? More photography of course! The world is out there to be discovered and short lived moments to be captured for eternity. My camera and I are ready to grab for what tomorrow holds for us out there….Hasta la vista amigos y amigas…..

Sri - Lanka Landscape

Sri Lanka - Landscape

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